If you like sweets, then you’ll love Cupcake.

Cupcake, founded by owner Kristin Kuhlke Cobb, first fired-up its ovens in the spring of 2006. Cobb returned to Charleston after a year in NYC to start fresh in something enjoyable and rewarding, which led her to open a scrumptious specialty bakery. Cupcake has continued to please its multitude of fans and cupcake connoisseurs through its top-quality ingredients and playful flavor profiles, supporting its mission to make life sweet!


Baked fresh daily, our cupcakes are concocted from scratch, using the freshest and finest all-natural ingredients like: vanilla beans, homemade candied pecans, sweet cream butter, whole milk, organic peanut butter, fresh fruit and rich chocolate.

We top our decadent morsels with a signature homemade icing and colorful candy sprinkles and offer a multitude of other tasty topping options.

We offer everyone’s favorite flavors including: Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Black and White and Vanilla with Chocolate and four specialty flavors that are on rotation (nine options daily) - with over 50 scrumptious taste sensations to sample each year. Stop in today to find your perfect batch!


Custom Orders

Cupcake will create custom orders tailored to fit your get-together’s theme.

Choose from our options of mini cupcakes, regular cupcakes, mega cupcakes, and now our cake pops! To place an order, call at least 24 hours in advance. All mini and mega cakes are baked to order.


The Cupcake Mobile is in motion, navigating the Columbia area streets!

Cupcake deliveries present a great opportunity to celebrate events at the office with your staff or coworkers, delight guests at parties and showers, or surprise your clients with a gift that's sure to please! The minimum order for a cupcake delivery is $30, plus an $8 delivery charge (for most areas).


1213 Lincoln Street · 803.212.4949


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